Covid: Gateway to the Great Reset

It was Sunday afternoon of the first weekend in March 2020 before the 1880_Pierre_Auguste_Cot_-_The_Stormshutdown began.  My wife & I were enjoying a leisurely stroll at a nearby park.  I had been rambling on about all the crazy events occurring in the world (at that point covid was just another event); my wife half listening was more interested in her daily step count.  When I got on the topic of covid the Lord stopped me mid-stride and clear as I’ve ever heard spoke these words in my spirit.  “Aaron, you cannot live in fear and be victorious over the things which are coming on the earth.” Now a year later I’m amazed at how accurate that word has proven itself. On this page I am trying to pull together some of the best information I’ve come across for the agenda that is playing out across the earth. And just as he said to me, I will say to you, do not be afraid of the storm, be strong, be bold for he is with you and will remain with you until the end. Be wise, be informed, study the scripture and ask the Holy Spirit for discernment.  Remember, you are not alone and you serve the victorious one!

Catherine Austin Fitts
Kathryn Austin Fitts was Asst. Secretary of HUD during the Bush senior administration. She does a great job of connecting the dots between covid, big pharma, summer of riots, crypto currency, politics and the media. If you’ve been trying to figure out the big picture – watch this.

Dr. Carrie Madej – Vaccine awareness
Dr. Carrie Madej is a practicing physician in Georgia. She has been raising awareness to dangers of the covid vaccine for months.

Pam Popper: forbidden “censored” videos plus full interview
Pam Popper runs a business in Columbus, Oh which assists individuals in making informed medical decisions. The “forbidden videos” series is her weekly short topical perspectives on the covid situation.
Forbidden Videos…..
Full Interview…..

Socialism Globally – The Great Reset (Sky News – Australia)
All these authorities are pushing an agenda – it’s the same agenda, to decarbonize, deindustrialize, and disempower the Western world. They are part of a concerted plan to redesign capitalism in a new image,” Bernardi says, adding: “That image of course is socialism.” The WEF is the architect of the Great Reset, and the fourth industrial revolution. Under the WEF vision, the Davos attendees will own what you’ll be renting. By reducing you to a mere user rather than an owner, the world does actually become more equal, because it will concentrate power, authority and money in the hands of a tiny few, while the rest of us become mere economic vassals for the oligarchs.